Book your wedding and reception at
the most versatile event venue in Northern Michigan!
Don't worry about the weather,
we can accommodate both indoor and outdoor weddings!
Take the Worry out of Your Big Day!

The weather in Northern Michigan can be very unpredicable, relax on your big day and don't worry about the weather. We have over 30,000 square feet of indoor space, enough for any wedding!

The Ellison Place even has enough space for an indoor wedding & reception area setup, so you don't have to worry about moving tables & chairs around in the event of inclement weather.

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds!

At The Ellison Place we have a huge patio area attached by massive garage style doors, you can either enjoy a fully outdoor wedding, or bring the outside air in by keeping the huge bay doors open.

Whichever configuration you prefer, you can enjoy the beautiful environment of Northern Michigan, while knowing that your guests are comfortably enjoying your special day.

Make the Best First Impression!

The welcome area of your wedding is often times the first impression you make on your guests. Don't settle for a crowded closet or a small foyer to invite your guests to your special day.

At The Ellison Place there is an extraordinary amount of space and beautiful welcome areas can be designed right as guests walk in, giving them a place to drop their cards & gifts, while feeling welcomed into the event!

No Stressing Over Table Design & Configuration!

Every bride has their own personal preference and every bride has spent hours determining their guest list and table seating assignments.

The Ellison Place can accomodate all of your special requests. Need a long rectangular table setup? We have the space for that. A hundred round tables? We can do that too. You worry about the guest configuration, we have the space to make it work.

Transition Space with A Bar & Service Area

Give your guests a place to congregate and mingle during the time between the wedding ceremony and the reception.

This is generally a time for the wedding party and the families to take photos, but the guests are left waiting. The Ellison Place can accommodate large groups in its bar and hors d'oeuvre service area, giving the guests something to enjoy during the in-between time before the reception starts.

Dance the Night Away!

Everyone enjoys dancing to celebrate the special wedding, don't make your guests feel crammed and like there is no space to move!

The Ellison Place can accomodate huge dance floors with large sound and light equipment setup. We also have plenty of vertical space as well for light stands and other equipment.


Important Venue Information

Large Capacity
The Ellison Place can accommodate events hosting up to 2,200 people at a time.
High Tech Multi-Media Options
We have a media room and multiple connectivity areas for DJs and Event planners to take advantage of.
Convenient Location
We are located just off I-75 in Gaylord, Michigan, one of the most centrally located cities in all of Northern Michigan.
Floor Space
The Ellison Place has over 30,000 square feet of floor space available, making for endless configuration possibilities.
Coat Check Area
The Ellison Place has a dedicated coat check area for inclement & cold weather days. Your guests will thank you!
Abundant Parking
Don't worry about parking attendants, we have plenty of parking for all your guests.
Ready Rooms
We have several different rooms which are designed to be separate ready rooms, giving both the bride & groom their own space to enjoy and relax on the wedding day.
Separate Bathroom Areas
With 2 women's and 2 men's bathrooms you can use one set for just the wedding party and the families, while your guests can use the other set of bathrooms.
Multiple Entry Areas
With several different entrances you can keep the wedding parties & families out of the public eye while preparing for the wedding ceremonies.

Important Local Area Information

Lodging Options
With over 15 hotels located in the Gaylord, Michigan area, your guests will have no problem finding the perfect accommodations.
Award Winning City
Gaylord (also knows as the Alpine Village) has been named one of the top 10 must see travel destinations in the state of Michigan.
All Seasons Enjoyment
All 4 seasons are great for a wedding at The Ellison Place, people love to come to Gaylord year round. There is always something for your guests to enjoy!

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