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Important Booking Information

Multiple Day Bookings
The Ellison Place can be booked for multiple day blocks, especially for events like consumer or trade shows which often operate over a course of multiple days. We recommend Thursday - Sunday. For more information about booking multiple days please contact our facility director either using the contact form or an email.
Clean Up Policy
The Ellison Place takes every measure possible to give our guests the best opportunity to enjoy their event, however, please keep in mind that our space is often booked back to back so it is important to consider clean up time after your event, especially with events that tend to end late into the night like weddings, receptions and banquets.
Deposit Policy
We love hosting events at The Ellison Place, and we would love to have your event here as well, but please keep in mind that oftentimes people want to book their events on the same days, so in order to provide as fair a process as possible we operate on a first come first served basis. We will not book the day of the event until we have received a deposit from the booking party.
Diane Bartow
Diane Bartow General Manager
Diane is the General Manager at The Ellison Place, she has an excellent eye for detail and is committed to creating a warm environment for her clients and staff.
Lori Kates
Lori Kates Director of Events
Lori has a significant amount of experience as a facility director, and event coordinator in Northern Michigan, she is bringing that experience to help make The Ellison Place great!
Jada Johnson loves to be involved in the Gaylord community, she is an ambassador for The Ellison Place and loves to help create a great experience for events at the Facility.

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Contact our Facility Director Diane Bartow to schedule a private tour of The Ellison Place.
Contact our Facility Director Diane Bartow for pricing information at The Ellison Place.
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